Anna Dees ,The CEO, and Editor-in-Chief

Last Updated on June 12, 2023 by Anna Dees

My name is Anna Dees and I am the founder of, a blog dedicated to exploring the wonderful world of needlework. Embroidery has been something I have been passionate about for many years now, beginning with learning cross-stitch from my grandmother when I was just 8 years old. Since then, I have explored many different types of embroidery. From hand-stitching cross stitches to modern machine embroidery, my passion for this craft has only grown.

I believe that embroidery is a great way to create something special and unique with just a few simple materials and some creative thinking. On, I share my favourite creative projects and tips for beginners or experienced embroiderers. My blog is a great source of inspiration, whether you are just starting in embroidery or have been stitching for years! I also give advice on which supplies to use and what techniques to try when creating your beautiful pieces.

I also love to share stories, reviews and tutorials from other embroiderers. It’s amazing to see the different styles and techniques that each individual brings to their art. This is why I’m so passionate about providing a platform for people to come together and exchange ideas and techniques. I’m also an avid traveller, so when I’m not stitching I’m usually exploring new places! Embroidery has allowed me to take my passion for art and travel with me wherever I go. Whether it’s a family vacation or a solo trip, I always make sure to bring my supplies. Even on the most hectic trips, I can always find some time to practice my craft and make something special.

My passion for embroidery has opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities and I’m grateful that I get to share it with all of you on this blog. Thanks for joining me on this journey! Hopefully, together we can explore the vibrant world of embroidery and create something beautiful. At, I’m committed to helping others and ensuring that the craft of embroidery is both accessible and enjoyable for all. As such, I provide helpful guidance for beginners as well as advanced tutorials for more experienced stitchers.

No matter what level you are at in your embroidery journey, I’m here to provide support and make sure that you have the tools needed to create something unique and beautiful. My blog also offers a variety of resources including patterns, projects, tips and tricks for making your creations. I’m always striving to bring interesting new ideas to the table for my readers. With a little bit of guidance and some creativity, I’m confident that anyone can become an expert embroidered.

So if you’re looking for inspiration or advice regarding one of the oldest and most timeless crafts, this is the place for you! I’m excited to share my passion with all of you, and I hope we can learn from each other as we explore this wonderful world of needlework together. Thanks for joining me on this journey!